Medical Journalism and the Challenges of Accurate Information and Communication Following the Outbreak of Corona Virus in Nigeria


  • Faruk Umar Usman Bayero University Kano


Corona virus pandemic, media, public perception


This paper provides an in-depth conceptual analysis of the expectations and performance of the mass media in public health concerns and emergencies and specifically in the dreaded corona pandemic from the perspective of medical journalism as an aspect of the broader health communication. This is an aspect of journalism that utilize strategic communication techniques and technologies to improve personal, environmental, individual and public heath by effective gathering, storage, processing and dissemination of health related news and information in the society. The media as a critical social institution is obliged to keep the society abreast of all contending socio political and economic issues in the society by providing objective interpretation of events to the best understanding of the populace. The paper argues that effective utilization of the conventional media in information and news dissemination will ultimately enhance citizens’ understanding of the mystery, ambiguity and controversy associated with corona virus pandemic in Kano state.

Author Biography

Faruk Umar Usman, Bayero University Kano

Department of Mass Communication,
Bayero University, Kano