Restructuring the Nigerian Federation: Power Sharing and Resource Allocation Perspectives


  • Auwalu Abdullahi Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso College of Arts and Remedial Studies, Kano
  • Abraham Sunday Odumu Federal Polytechnic, Kaura Namoda


Federalism, Power Sharing, Predatory, Restructuring, Resource Allocation


Federal form of government is thus, advocated most for maintaining relative stability at least for its integrative capability to accommodate heterogeneity in a multi-ethnic and diverse society like Nigeria. However, the practice of federalism in Nigeria has remained a nightmare due to the asymmetric nature of relationship between ethnic, religious and regional groups as well as the components units in relations to power sharing and resource allocation. As a result, serious problem of mistrust and contestations among various social interest groups for power positions and access to resources at various levels has have efficient and viable frame-work that would help preserve national unity while allowing diversity to thrive at all levels. The study adopted descriptive and historical method while data were generated from the secondary sources that were predatory theory of government as its theoretical frame-work of analysis, the paper aimed at examining the issues towards restructuring in Nigeria, the inadequacies attached to the system and the implications for restructuring. The paper concludes that, although the current federal system is not perfect, but the contending agitations for access to political power position and control of the scare resources in the process of operating the system and its institutions by political leaders from different ethnic groups. The paper recommend that, restructuring should not be limited to institutional changes, but attitudinal changes in the operations of those institutions to ensure equity in the distribution of resources and privileges.

Author Biographies

Auwalu Abdullahi, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso College of Arts and Remedial Studies, Kano

Department of Social Sciences,
Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso College of Arts and Remedial Studies, Kano

Abraham Sunday Odumu, Federal Polytechnic, Kaura Namoda

Liberal Studies Department
Federal Polytechnic, Kaura Namoda
Zamfara State