• MUHAMMAD ABDULLAHI Nasarawa State University,Keffi
  • BEMSHIMA SAKA Nasarawa State University Keffi


Democracy, Democratic consolidation, Nigeria, Youth Unemployment, Youths


Democracy as a system of government has waded off competition from other systems of government and has assumed ascendancy as a top political system in the world. In Nigeria, democratic system of governance has been in existence for the past two decades. For this system to be consolidated, all the relevant stakeholders must get involve for it to evolve seamlessly. One of the critical stakeholders in a democratic set up are youths; their numbers, strength, dynamism, and creativity are valuable resources which, if properly harnessed can reposition a nation on the path of social, economic, political progress and development. Despite these enormous advantages, Nigerian youths have been marginalized and atomized in the Nigeria political space. Using secondary sources of data through critical review of literature, the paper argues that, the monetization of the political process by political parties where nomination forms are bought at exorbitant rates has rendered the youth inactive. They lack financial muscles so required for effective participation. The inability of those in leadership positions to create job opportunities has made things more challenging for the youth; this has increased poverty rate, thereby encouraging youth restiveness, social unrest, political thuggery and all forms of militancy in our democracy. The paper recommends among others that for our democracy to be consolidated, the problem of youth empowerment must be adequately addressed. This can be achieved through strengthening our political recruitment machinery to de-emphasize money politics and embrace a political culture that is interested in featuring those with clear vision and mission. This will ensure that only those who demonstrate the capacity for good governance find their way into government.

Author Biographies

MUHAMMAD ABDULLAHI, Nasarawa State University,Keffi

Department of Political Science,
Nasarawa State University,Keffi

BEMSHIMA SAKA, Nasarawa State University Keffi

Department of Political Science,
Nasarawa State University,Keffi.